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Cited Reference Searching

Guide to identifying articles that have cited a reference of interest.

Why Use Multiple Resources?

No single database or search engine is complete. 

Different cited reference searches in different resources yield different results.  For example, see What About Google Scholar.

See below for tips on cited reference searching in Scopus and PubMed.

How to Conduct a Cited Reference Search in Scopus

Scopus records how many times an article has been cited since 1996.

It automatically shows this information for each reference you find.

To search for articles citing your article:

  1. Open the Scopus search box and choose the "Document Search" tab.
  2. Type in key words from the title.
  3. From the search results, identify your article. 
  4. Look for a link on the far right for "Cited By" to go to the list of references that have cited the one you found.
  5. (Optional) Click on "Analyze Search Results," or scan the articles retrieved to see the contexts in which your article was cited.

Click HERE for more tips on searching Scopus.

How to Determine How Many Times an Author's Articles Have Been Cited

Find out how many times an author's body of publications has been cited (since 1996).

  1. Open the Scopus search box and choose the "Author Search" tab.
  2. Type the name of the person you would like to look up. You can also type in their institutional affiliation, e.g., University of Washington.
  3. Click "Search".
  4. On the Author results page, click on the correct author and a new page will open that shows personal, research, and history information. On the right side of the page you will see how many documents that author has in Scopus, and below that how many times their articles have been cited since 1996.

You can also set Alerts for an author, so you will be notified by email whenever something new is published.

For more information on author impact, see the Analytics tab on the Scopus guide.

Cited Reference Searching in PubMed

PubMed does not have a cited reference searching feature like Web of Science and Scopus do. 

The abstract view of a reference will provide links to citing articles,however, IF they are in PubMed Central.

PubMed Central is a repository of publicly available full-text articles that have resulted from NIH funding.

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