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5 Ways to Produce Effective Systematic Review Searches

1.  Develop Your Search Approach

2.  Search using combination of indexing terms and keywords

  • PubMed is a good place to experiment and develop your search strategy.
  • Use database features, e.g. filters, indexing terms, to maximize search retrieval.
  • Search example and tips for searching effectively.
  • For more information see the PubMed at the UW Guide.
  • After finalizing your search strategy in PubMed, translate your strategy for comparable searches of the other databases.  (Contact Diana or Sarah for assistance.)

3.  Document/Save your search strategy using History or MyNCBI

  • Copy or save exact search strategy.  (In PubMed, use Advanced Search page).
  • Use the database's "save search" feature, e.g. MyNCBI.
  • Document number of citations found and years searched for each database.

4.  Organize, annotate, and deduplicate citations using Citation Management Software

5.  Contact Your HSL Liaisons for assistance


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