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Specific Search Tips

  • How do I find PubMed articles of large trials such as the CHARM trials?
    1. Use the study name plus the topic of the study in a keyword search in PubMed. Ex. CHARM AND heart failure, or CHARM AND candesartan
    2. Use the Corporate Name field [cn] to limit the keyword search to named group/corporate authors. Ex. Jupiter[cn], or ACCORD[cn]
  • How do I search PubMed to include all drugs that have the same pharmacological action?

    Use the MeSH database to find the pharmacological action, ex. hypoglycemic agents, that is tagged with [Pharmacological Action]. Combine this search with your desired term, ex "hypoglycemic agents"[Pharmacological Action] AND "weight gain"[MeSH].

  • How do I limit results to a specific indication for multiple-action drugs?

    Use the MeSH database to find the type of pharmacological action desired. Search this term as a MeSH term and add the name of the drug. Ex. Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors[MeSH] AND aspirin.


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