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Basic Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice Resources

Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Guidelines are systematically developed statements of appropriate care designed to assist the practitioner and patient make decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances.
  • Guidelines from reputable, authoritative organizations are usually based on the most current, relevant research, but ...
  • Guidelines are developed using widely varying standards. Cost may be considered as well as health outcomes.
  • Professional specialty organizations and associations are often good resources for evidence-based practice guidelines. Ex. AWHONN.
  • Locate clinical practice guidelines using:
    • National Guideline Clearinghouse
      The National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) is a comprehensive database of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The database includes structured summaries, links to full-text guidelines (where available), ordering information for print copies, guideline syntheses, and a guideline comparison utility.
    • PubMed | Search Tips
      Hint: you can limit to Publication Types: Practice Guidelines
    • CINAHL Plus  Search Tips
      Hint: you can limit to Publication Types: Practice Guidelines
    • Clinical Key
      Clinical Key is an online medical information service containing full-text reference books, guidelines, full-text journals, patient information, and drug information.
    • AccessMedicine
      Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care (2015)  includes guidelines on disease diagnosis, prevention, and management.
    • Best Practice Information Sheets
      Joanna Briggs Institute. Guidelines produced specifically for practicing health professionals and based on the best available international research evidence as reported in systematic reviews.
    • Web search engines or subject directories
    • Remember to evaluate anything you locate on the web using the Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites.
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