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CI #51302 Does habitual knuckle or joint popping lead to arthritis or functional impairment of the joints over time?: Home

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0 knuckle cracking, popping

trials, studies

22 (pop[tw] OR pops[tw] OR popping[tw] OR crack[tw] OR cracks[tw] OR cracking[tw]) AND (finger joint*[tw] OR finger joint[mh] OR metacarpophalangeal joint[mh] OR metacarpophalangeal joint*[tw] OR carpal joint[mh] OR knuckle[tw] OR knuckles[tw]) AND (case control[tw] OR cohort*[tw] OR retrospectiv* OR prospectiv* OR epidemiologic studies[mh] OR clinical trial[pt] OR study[tw] OR studies[tw] OR trial[tw] OR trials[tw] OR patients[tw] OR survey* OR questionnaire* OR systematic* OR random*) AND english[la]
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Clinician Authors:Tye Powers and Gary Kelsberg

Librarian Author:  Sarah Safranek

Search Due Date: May 2015

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