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University of Washington Health Sciences Library

School of Nursing Librarians: We are here to help!

Contact information for the Health Sciences Library Liaisons to the School of Nursing

Contact us with your library related questions :)

Librarian Liaisons are available to help you work smarter!

People come to us for help on a wide range of topics.  Here are some examples:

  • Needing to find some articles for your assignment?
  • Need to know how to use citation managers?
  • Questions on how to format your references?
  • How to find information about grants?
  • How to order articles for free?
  • What apps can you download to your phone?
Fastest way to get a response: email us at -- your email will be sent to all of us!

Or contact me directly (see below).

                  Frances Chu 
    Frances Chu
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