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HDA 4345 Which lifestyle modifications effectively decreased LDL cholesterol in adults? (UPDATE): Home


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Combined PubMed Search for Cochrane SRs, FPIN CIs

 13  ((N Engl J Med[ta] AND clinical practice[ti]) OR ((Am Fam Physician[ta] OR j fam pract[ta]) AND (fpin* OR clinical inquiries[ti] OR clinical inquiry[ti])) OR U.S. Preventive Services Task Force[CN] OR acp j club[ta] OR acp journal club[ti] OR clin evid online[ta] OR cochrane database syst rev[ta]) AND ldl cholesterol[tw] AND (diet[mh] OR dietary advice[tw] OR counseling[tw] OR exercise[tw] OR weight loss[tw] OR alcohol drinking[tw] OR lifestyle[tw] OR "life style"[tw])

 systematic reviews or meta analyses

 55 (((Hyperlipidemia[mh] OR cholesterol[mh] OR lipids/blood[mh]) AND (ldl[tw] OR low density lipoprotein*[tiab])) OR ldl lipoproteins[mh]) AND (Mind body therapies[mh] OR exercise movement techniques[mh] OR recreation[mh] OR weight loss[mh] OR diet therapy[mh] OR food[mh] OR patient education[mh] OR counseling[mh] OR smoking[mh] OR tobacco[mh] OR alcohol drinking[mh] OR alcoholic beverages[mh]) AND (Meta Analysis[pt] OR meta analy*[tw] OR metaanaly*[tw] OR systematic review*[tw] OR data synthesis[tw] OR data extraction[tw] OR Cochrane Database Syst Rev[ta]) AND (adult[mh] OR men[tiab] OR women[tiab]) AND english[la]
UptoDate  1  treatment of lipids - lifestyle modification
DynaMed  1  hypercholesterolemia > See: therapeutic lifestyle changes

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Clinician Author:Richard L Brandt-Kreutz

Search Due Date: 8 February 2013

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