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NURS 592 - Interventions & Methods Searching

Guide for NURS 592 The Science of Therapeutics: Theoretical Foundations

Keeping Your Research Fresh

Approaches to determining current state of the science in research design for your topic:

  1. Use NIH RePORTER, to view funded projects; use Campbell Collaboration Library to find systematic reviews on social justice and sociological research; use the Cochrane Library to view select clinical studies and methods studies; use AHRQ Innovations Exchange to see if there are new innovations on a subject/topic.  Funded projects often reflect innovative methods.
  2. Use traditional literature databases (PubMed, CINAHL Complete, PsycINFO, etc.)
    • to view recent research in your area
    • to view articles that focus on research methods in a given area
  3. Use SAGE Research Methods to learn more about different research methods in the Social Sciences
  4. Find articles using specific interventions
  5. Find articles for specific interventions at a systems level.
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