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Pharm 564 Finding Information for Clinical Use: Finding Information for Clinical Use

Searching Video Series

This series of videos provides searching tips to help you find information for clinical use.  Each video has been created to build upon the preceding one.  However, each can be viewed on its own.

Just Google it!  
GoogleScholar vs. PubMed
What was the question?
Introduction to PICO
You're putting words in my mouth!
Controlled Vocabulary vs. Natural Language (keywords/textwords)   (Time: 11:36)
It gets better!
Refining PubMed Searches (Filters)
It gets easier!
Using My NCBI to Manage Searches and Citations
You've got mail!
Getting to Full Text Articles   (Time: 4:34)
When is a search not a search? 
Other Resources Beyond PubMed 

Use the links below for more search help.

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