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Clinical Inquiries searches



Creating Search Results Pages

  • FPIN EBM Search Strategies for Use in PubMed
  • Creating a Link to Entrez Databases (NCBI Help)
  • To insure UW buttons appear on the results page replace:


  • Warning: IE url length maximum is 2083 characters. If urls are longer than maximum you can shorten the url by replacing escape characters (the 3-character groupings that start with percent signs) as follows:

       %5B with [
       %5D with ]
       %28 with (
       %29 with )

    If still too long remove the space before the left square brack (replace %20[ with [) and check that you are using abbreviated field/index tags. Also check to remove unnecessary repetition of terms.

  • MyNCBI search urls. In the MyNCBI search list right click on the link and go to Properties. In Properties copy the address url (probably longer than what appears in the window).
  • Wilczynski NL, Haynes RB, Lavis JN, Ramkissoonsingh R, Arnold-Oatley AE. Optimal search strategies for detecting health services research studies in MEDLINE. CMAJ. 2004 Nov 9;171(10):1179-85
  • Linking to a single PubMed citation: pmid

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