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Library Services for Law School Alumni

Services especially for UW Law alums

About Legal Research Guides

What if you need help with a Washington legislative history question? Where can you turn if you have a copyright research question? You know that you can call or email the reference librarians, but it is midnight and the Reference Office is closed.

Gallagher delivers!

The Law Library's expert Research Services librarians have prepared more than 100 guides on a wide range of subjects. Browse the complete list by subject and keyword. Most of the guides identify and describe key print and online resources, including:

  • books and treatises
  • commercial online databases such as Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, and Westlaw
  • databases covering a wide range of subjects--from business literature to wildlife and ecology studies--to which the University of Washington Libraries subscribe
  • free blogs and websites
  • journals and law reviews
  • looseleaf services

UW Law students are the intended audience for these guides and they often link to specific content on commercial services that require passwords and login.

For example, when you click on the Lexis Advance link to say, Nimmer on Copyright (found on the Copyright Law: Secondary Sources guide), you will be prompted to logon to the service. If you have an individual password for this service, sign in and then the link will take you to the online version of the Nimmer treatise. If you don't have an individual password for the service, consult with a reference librarian about other ways in which the information may be found.