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Cite-Checking & Library Research

Suggestions for law students conducting cite-checks

The Bluebook

The Bluebook: the bible of legal citation. The majority of U.S. law school law reviews and journals follow its rules.

The general rules of legal citation are found in the white pages. The blue pages contain an assortment of helpful lists and tables, including citations to primary legal sources by jurisdiction (federal and state, foreign countries, and selected intergovernmental organizations) and abbreviations used in case names, court names, court documents, geographical terms, judges and officials, months, periodicals, looseleaf services, and document subdivisions.

Because of The Bluebook's complexity and the wide variety of categories of legal and related information, cite-checkers might find the following sources useful:

Looking for a shortcut? Search recent articles in the journals published by Columbia, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale law schools. The editors of these law reviews are responsible for The Bluebook and are, presumably, the world experts in interpreting and applying its rules.