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Education Law

A guide for finding laws, regulations, cases, books, articles, and online-only sources on education-related law topics

Library of Congress Subject Headings

This guide lists some of the best library resources below. To find additional library resources, you may find it helpful to use the following Library of Congress Subject Headings:

  • Developmentally disabled children--Education (Preschool)--Law and legislation
  • Early childhood education--Law and legislation
  • Education--Parent participation--Law and legislation
  • Educational law and legislation
  • Gifted children--Education--Law and legislation
  • Sex discrimination in education--Law and legislation

Treatises & Casebooks

Legal Encyclopedias


A few journals focus on education. Law review articles on education or on education topics may be published in any law review, however, so do not limit a search to just these journals.


Newsletters are useful for tracking current issues.

Lexis Advance

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Click on the arrow next to the topic name to get a narrower list of topics; or click on the topic name itself to search the documents available within that topic. Narrower topics include:

Topics are further divided by cases, legislation, administrative sources, etc.

Practice Guides

Books on Special Topics