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Islamic Law Research

Articles, books, disserations, and primary law sources useful for research on Islamic law

Nonlegal Articles

The UW Libraries subscribe to many databases through which you can find articles published in sources from around the world. This section identifies the most useful databases.

More exhaustive lists are found in the UW Libraries research guides, particularly the Near East: Find Articles page. The UW Libraries research guides include free Internet sources as well as commercial subscription databases.

The more useful databases are products of two companies: EBSCO and ProQuest. You may search each database individually or you can search multiple databases from each company in one search. Follow the links on the UW Libraries subject guides or go to the UW Libraries Articles & Research Databases list to find the link by title. [UW Restricted]

EBSCO & ProQuest databases

Once you identify an article or other source, you will need to locate it. Fortunately, these databases often provide links to PDF copies of cited articles. If you don't see a link for an electronic version of the article, try the E-Journals list (search by the title of the journal, not the title of the specific article). You may also submit an Interlibrary Loan request for a copy of an article.

Legal Sources

You can find articles on Islamic law topics published in law reviews and other legal periodicals. Search one or more of the following sources: