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Betty Wilkins, 1915 - 1999

Information about Betty Wilkins, fourth director of the Gallagher Law Library


In addition to the many positions she held at the Law Library, Betty also worked as editor of the Current Comments column in the Law Library Journal and served as editor of the Current Publications in Legal and Related Fields (a standard selection tool).

[Note: linked titles lead to the Law Library catalog records]

American Association of Law Libraries

She was actively involved in the American Association of Law Libraries, chairing various committees including the Publications Committee, the Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award Committee (now called the Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award), and the 1973 Annual Meeting Committee (Local Arrangements).

Past Acting Dean of the UW School of Law Luvern V. Rieke noted that Betty selected her professional activities “carefully with a purpose of assistance to this University or to the librarianship profession as a whole.”