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Washington State Legislative History

Identifies online and print sources for researching the legislative intent and history of bills enacted into law by the Washington State Legislature


Legislative history refers to the documents and other materials created during the Legislature’s consideration of a bill. Researchers are often interested in reviewing these materials to try to determine why the Legislature enacted the law, or why it used specific language (that is, legislative intent).

In Washington, several of the useful sources for legislative history are available from the mid-1970s forward. The text of bills and journals from both the House and Senate are available for earlier periods of time.

Depending on when the law in which you are interested was enacted, your research may involve print and/or online materials. Sources on the Internet go back to 1991. The State Archives in Olympia may have items not found in print or online sources.

When researching a legislative history, it is particularly important to know when to stop. It is often the case that the more time spent and the farther afield ventured, the lower the rate of return.

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