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Washington Practice Materials

A guide to sources used by Washington State lawyers


"Practice materials" are written by lawyers for use by other lawyers. They are used extensively in the practice of law. Practice materials are characterized by their "nuts and bolts" approach to legal issues. They usually focus on the law as it exists, with advice and tips for how to deal with real-life legal problems.

These secondary materials often include forms or checklists and they are useful when looking for the most recent information in a particular practice area. In addition, these materials are often a great place to turn to when beginning research in an unfamiliar area of law.

New! The Law Library now offers online access to the WSBA deskbooks to people who visit the Library.

For a helpful overview of Washington practice materials, see Chapter 4, Practice Materials of the Washington Legal Researcher's Deskbook 3d, written by former Gallagher Law Library reference librarian Nancy McMurrer. KFW75.W37 2002 at Reference Area & Reference Office and on HeinOnline [UW Restricted].

This guide includes links to sources available on LexisNexis and Westlaw. You must have an individual password to access these services. The Gallagher Law Library does not have a subscription to either of these services for members of the public. For more information, see the Gallagher guide on Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance & Westlaw.