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Writing for & Publishing in Law Reviews

This guide provides information and resources to help students and professionals who want to write scholarly papers and get them published in law reviews.

Chapters in Broader Legal Writing Texts

Articles about Student Writing

Patrick Eoghan Murray, Write on! A Guide to Getting on Law Review (2014) (unpublished paper posted on SSRN).

Andrew Yaphe, Taking Note of Notes: Student Legal Scholarship in Theory and Practice, 62 J. Legal Educ. 259 (2012).
HeinOnline | SSRN (draft). Critiques books by Volokh and by Fajans & Falk above and empirically analyzes published notes.

Advice for Law Professors

Columbia Law School Careers in Law Teaching Program. Includes discussion of writing and publishing (methodology, field, topics, length) and a sample scholarly agenda.

Christian C. Day, In Search of the Read Footnote: Techniques for Writing Legal Scholarship and Having It Published, 6 Legal Writing: J. Legal Writing Inst. 229 (2000). HeinOnline

Richard Delgado, How to Write a Law Review Article, 20 U.S.F. L. Rev. 445 (1986). HeinOnline | SSRN

Mary Kay Kane, Some Thoughts on Scholarship for Beginning Teachers, 37 J. Legal Educ. 14 (1987). HeinOnline

Nancy Levit, Scholarship Advice for New Law Professors in the Electronic Age, 16 Widener L.J. 947 (2007). HeinOnline | SSRN (draft)

Hiroshi Motomura, Setting a "Scholarly Agenda," 10 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 175 (1991). HeinOnline

Pamela Samuelson, Good Legal Writing: Of Orwell and Window Panes, 46 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 149 (1984). HeinOnline | author's webpage

Donald J. Weidner, A Dean’s Letter to New Law Faculty About Scholarship, 44 J. Legal Educ. 440 (1994). HeinOnline

See also Legal Scholarship Blog's Teaching page.

Advice for Law Students or Law Professors

Linda H. Edwards, A Writing Life, 61 Mercer L. Rev. 867 (2010). HeinOnline.

Gerald Lebovits, Academic Legal Writing: How to Write and Publish, N.Y. St. B. Ass'n J., Jan. 2006, at 64. HeinOnline.

Robert Luther III, Practical Tips for Placing and Publishing Your First Law Review Article, 50 U. Rich. L. Rev. Online 63 (2016).

Not Just for Legal Scholars