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Suzanne Klinger

Head, Reference Services
Suzanne Klinger
Suzanne Klinger
University of Washington Tacoma Library
Box 358460
1900 Commerce Street
Tacoma, WA 98402-3100
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About Me

Suzanne Klinger has worked as a librarian at UW Tacoma since 1990. She previously worked as a Government Documents Librarian at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Duke University before moving to Washington state. At UW Tacoma Library she is the Head of Reference Services and oversees the one-on-one reference and research help desk -- a great place (in the Snoqualmie Building) for students to drop by and get help locating resources for their assignments. Her subject specialty areas are Communication, History, Sociology, and Urban Studies.

Suzanne has been to all 50 states and loves the rainy weather of western Washington.

Let me help you

For students, I can:

  • Meet with you individually to discuss your topic and possible research strategies

  • Recommend the best databases to search for your research topic

  • Answer your questions via email, phone, or in-person

  • Tell you about library services

For faculty, I can:

  • Create a webpage tailored to your class assignment

  • Discuss ways to best incorporate research skills and library materials into your class assignments

  • Tell you about library services

  • Act as a liaison communicating the department's concerns and needs to library administration

My Guides

Sep 19, 2016 73
Nov 3, 2016 44
Sep 19, 2016 84
Dec 7, 2016 593
Sep 19, 2016 77
Sep 29, 2016 321
Sep 19, 2016 73
Sep 19, 2016 45
Sep 12, 2016 371
Feb 1, 2017 126
Oct 21, 2016 171
Dec 27, 2016 267
Sep 29, 2016 185
Dec 27, 2016 398

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