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Global Studies Information Flow

Global Studies Task Force: Information Flow

Information production: Information produced by Global Studies research tends to flow from left to right using the tabs at the top of the pages. In general, material from the first two tabs of the model will require greater knowledge to access, understand, and use.

Information-seeking and use: Students learning about Global Studies and performing literature review for course work will tend to explore from right to left in the tabs -- from the summary and popular literature. Literature from all portions of the flow spectrum are useful for specific purposes and to support specific arguments. Being aware of the various genres and formats empowers the researcher and policy-maker to make judicious choices.
How to use the flow model: Click on each tab to view a page that describes the information type represented. These pages will provide you with descriptions, strengths and considerations, and some examples of finding tools for each type of information source. You may want to use this model to help you think through the process of selecting appropriate genres to support specific claims or arguments.