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Puget Sounds Archive: Welcome!

Puget Sounds is a UW Libraries project that aims to preserve and make accessible Seattle's many music traditions.

What's in the Guide

Detail of Kearney Barton's studio console, circa 2011 (Photo by Rick Chinn)

With Puget Sounds, UW Libraries aims to document the kaleidoscopic nature of music performed and produced in Seattle and around the greater Pacific NW. Everything from grunge to hip hop, roots to free jazz, classical to opera, freak folk to shockabilly, EDM to Balkan punk is represented in the collection. This guide is designed to help you navigate through and discover these recordings. If you have questions or would like to donate to the project, contact John Vallier.

Ernestine Anderson & Cecil Young Quartet from 1951 (Burt Porter Collection)

Walt Robertson

"Dean of Northwest Folk Music" and Folkways recording artist Walt Robertson performing an informal set of songs. Recorded 1983 in Lilliwaup, WA, by Molly Oberbillig (Item NC-141). This recording is part of the Bob Nelson Collection of NW Folk Music.

Head of Media / Ethnomusicology Curator

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Gula Matari

Byron Pope