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Finding Nordic Films in the UW Libraries

This page offers some helpful tips and tricks to finding the wealth of Nordic films in the UW libraries. 

For more information on finding films in the UW libraries, see the Cinema Studies research guide.

UW Libraries Search Tips

The BEST way to find a particular film in the UW Libraries is to search by film title or director. Films may be listed by an English translation, the title in the original language or both. Try an Advanced Search, and limit by Audio & Video. 

See a sample search in the scrolling window below.

UW Libraries Search - Advanced

Step 1: Searching

Step 2: Limiting and Selecting

Best Search Tips (without a title or director)

If you do not know the film or filmmaker, try an Advanced Search and these terms (listed in BOLD):

Country (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)

Foreign Language (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish)

Genre (horror, drama, comedy, documentary, animated, short, television, feature, film adaptations)

Once you have results, limit by type: DVD, Video Cassette

A sample search can be seen in the images scrolling below.

UW Libraries Search - Advanced

Step 1: Searching

Step 2: Limiting by Resource Type

Step 3: Selecting from your limited list

Other tips!

  • When you search don't worry about changing Any to In Subject in an Advanced Search as it limits the parameters too much and misses results.


  • Use in conjunction with searching to make sure you have found a film from the right country, in the right language or in the right genre to suit your needs.


  • Films that are adaptations of books, have one-word titles, or share titles with other films will benefit from two levels of searching, using both the catalog and IMDB.

Other Options: Streaming Video Providers

Another option is to check out the streaming video providers available at UW.

Two options with Nordic material:  Alexander Street Press and the Kanopy Collection

For more information on streaming services at UW see the Streaming Video Guide.