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Streaming Video Guide: Streaming for Classes

Find streaming and online videos for your research and teaching needs.

Streaming Video for Your Classes

This page is designed to help UW faculty integrate, when possible, streaming videos into their courses. The information provided here is organized into four sections: 
    1.    Consider streaming video models and choose those that work best for you
    2.    Find streaming titles already licensed by the Libraries
    3.    Request the Libraries purchase rights to stream titles we have not already licensed
    4.    Rediscover alternatives to streaming

1) Consider streaming video models and choose those that work best for you

There are several streaming options available to instructors. What you choose will largely depend on how much and what kinds of streaming video you would like to use.

  • Link to streamed videos and other media from the UW Libraries. UW Libraries has invested considerable resources into a growing collection of streaming video titles. For information on how to find these resources, see the box below "2) Find streaming titles from the UW Libraries." You can also contact your subject librarian or Media staff for assistance. 
  • Pay-on-demand and freely-available streaming resources. If you intend to use feature films in your class, you might consider asking your students to pay for content from a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, among others. There is also a free streaming video service available from public libraries called Hoopla. Many distributors and filmmakers also make their titles freely-available on Vimeo, YouTube, and other sites. The shortcoming of any of these services and sites is that no single one will likely have all the titles you need.
  • Host streaming video content yourself. 

2) Find streaming titles already licensed by the Libraries

There are two primary ways to find streaming videos that the UW Libraries has licensed:

  • Go to the "Licensed for UW" page linked from this guide. It lists a selection of streaming video collections that the Libraries has licensed for educational use.
  • Check UW Libraries SearchNearly all streaming videos purchased for the UW Libraries are cataloged in UW Libraries Search. You can identify an online/streaming video because it will have an “eVideo” resource icon. To watch, click the "Online access" link.

3) Request that the library acquire rights to stream a particular title

Many streaming videos are not available for educational licensing and purchase. When such options do exist, licensing costs can be high (e.g,. $550 per title) and staff time involved with licensing and making titles available can be considerable. We therefore carefully consider all new streaming purchase requests. Depending on a title's availability for institutional licensing, a distributor's terms of use, and licensing/hosting costs, we may not purchase the videos you request. If we are able to locate the titles you request on third party pay-per-view streaming sites (e.g., Netflix, Hulu), we will always suggest that option as an alternative.

4) Rediscover alternatives to streaming

There are many reasons why the options listed above may not work for your teaching needs. If that is the case, please consider the following: