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Research Guides

Subject Librarians: Seattle Campus Librarians

A subject librarian is your personal guide to the Libraries. We are responsible for purchasing library materials, providing reference help and consultations, and instructing UW students in the research tools and methods of each discipline.

Librarians with subject expertise

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Accounting Jessica Jerrit
Aeronautics Mel DeSart
African American Studies Harry Murphy
African Studies Harry Murphy
American Indian Studies Harry Murphy (coordinator)
Animal Studies Emily Keller (coordinator)
Anthropology Anne-Marie Davis
Applied Mathematics Anya Bartelmann
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Maureen Nolan
Archaeology, classical Linda Di Biase
Archaeology, methodology Anne-Marie Davis
Architecture Alan R. Michelson
Art Angela Weaver
Art History Angela Weaver
Asian American Studies Harry Murphy
Asian Languages & Literature See specific languages/literatures
Astronautics Mel DeSart
Astronomy Anya Bartelmann
Atmospheric Sciences Matt Parsons


Baltic Studies Michael Biggins
Biochemistry HSL Liaisons
Bioengineering Christina Byrne
Bioengineering for Health Sciences HSL Liaisons
Biological Structure HSL Liaisons
Biology Sally Pine
Biotechnology Susanne Redalje (coordinator)
Botany Sally Pine
Building Construction Alan R. Michelson
Business Administration

Business Librarians

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Canadian Studies Sion Romaine
Cartographic Materials see Map Collection
Chemical Engineering Susanne Redalje
Chemistry Susanne Redalje
Chicano Studies Harry Murphy
Children's Literature Kathleen Collins
China Studies Zhijia Shen
Cinema & Media Studies Faye Christenberry
Civil Engineering Julie Cook
Classics Linda Di Biase
Communication Jessica Albano
Comparative Arts Angela Weaver
Comparative History of Ideas Theresa Mudrock
Comparative Literature Faye Christenberry
Comparative Religion Linda Di Biase
Computer Science & Engineering Mel DeSart
Curriculum Materials Deborah Pierce


Dance Angela Weaver
Dentistry HSL Liaisons
Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DX Arts) Verletta Kern (coordinator)
Digital Geospatial Data, Geographic Information Systems Matt Parsons
Disability Studies Matt Parsons
Drama Angela Weaver


Earth and Space Sciences Matt Parsons
East Asia General Zhijia Shen
Economics Jessica Jerrit
Education Deborah Pierce
Education - Curriculum Materials see Curriculum Materials
Electrical Engineering Julie Cook
Engineering see under individual subjects
English Elliot Stevens
Environmental and Forest Sciences Kari Anderson
Environmental Engineering Julie Cook
Ethnic Studies Harry Murphy
Ethnomusicology Archives John Vallier

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Finance & Business Economics Jessica Jerrit
Finnish Dan Mandeville
Folklore Faye Christenberry (coordinator)
Forest Sciences see Environmental and Forest Sciences
French see Romance Languages and Literature
Friday Harbor Collection Maureen Nolan


Gay/Lesbian Studies see Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Cassandra Hartnett
Genetics see Medical Genetics
Genome Sciences HSL Liaisons
Geography Kian Flynn
Geological Sciences Matt Parsons
Geophysics Matt Parsons
Germanics Diana Brooking
Government Publications Cassandra Hartnett
U.S. Documents Cassandra Hartnett
International Documents Kian Flynn
State and Local Documents Emily Keller
Foreign Documents Cassandra Hartnett


Health Sciences HSL Liaisons
Hellenic Studies Theresa Mudrock


Theresa Mudrock
History of Medicine HSL Liaisons
History of Science Theresa Mudrock
History of Science, Technology & Medicine Theresa Mudrock (coordinator)
Horticulture Sally Pine
Human Centered Design & Engineering Mel DeSart
Human Rights Emily Keller


Immunology HSL Liaisons
Industrial and Systems Engineering Mel DeSart
Information Sciences Alyssa Deutschler
Integrated Social Sciences Reed Garber-Pearson
Interdisciplinary Studies see geographic area or program name
International Studies (General) Mike Biggins or
Kian Flynn
Italian see Romance Languages and Literature

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Japan Studies Azusa Tanaka
Jewish Studies Mary St. Germain


Korean Studies Hyokyoung Yi


Labor Archives Collection Conor Casey
Landscape Architecture Alan R. Michelson
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Deb Raftus
Law Emily Keller (coordinator)
Law, Societies & Justice (LSJ) Emily Keller
Librarianship Alyssa Deutschler
Linguistics Dan Mandeville


Management & Organization Jason Sokoloff
Management Science Jason Sokoloff
Map Collection Matt Parsons
Maps, Atlases & Aerial Photography Matt Parsons
Digital Geospatial Data, Geographic Information Systems Matt Parsons
Marine and Environmental Affairs Maureen Nolan
Marketing & International Business Jason Sokoloff
Materials Science & Engineering Susanne Redalje
Mathematics Anya Bartelmann
Mechanical Engineering Mel DeSart
Medical Genetics HSL Liaisons
Medicine HSL Liaisons
Microbiology HSL Liaisons
Microform Collection Jessica Albano
Middle Eastern Studies Mary St. Germain
Military Science Emily Keller (coordinator)
Molecular and Cellular Biology HSL Liaisons
Moving Images (historical) Nicolette Bromberg
Museum Studies Anne-Marie Davis (coordinator)
Music Erin Conor
Music Recordings Erin Conor

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Natural Sciences see under individual subjects
Near Eastern Language & Literature Mary St. Germain
Newspaper Collection Jessica Albano
Nordic Studies Dan Mandeville
Nursing HSL Liaisons
Nutritional Sciences HSL Liaisons


Oceanography Maureen Nolan
Odegaard Library  
Collections Anne Davis
Teaching Amanda Hornby


Pacific Northwest Collection Anne Jenner
Pharmacology HSL Liaisons
Pharmacy/Medicinal Chemistry HSL Liaisons
Philosophy Morag Stewart
Photography Nicolette Bromberg
Physics Anya Bartelmann
Physiology & Biophysics HSL Liaisons
Political Science Emily Keller
Portuguese see Spanish
Psychiatry HSL Liaisons
Psychology John Holmes
Public Health & Community Medicine HSL Liaisons
Public Policy & Governance Emily Keller


Reference Collection, General Theresa Mudrock
Refugee Research Emily Keller (coordinator)
Religion see Comparative Religion
Romance Languages & Literature Deb Raftus
Russian & East European Studies Michael Biggins

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Scandinavian Languages & Literature see Nordic Studies
Science, General Kari Anderson
Scientific & Technical Communication Linda Whang
Slavic Languages & Literature Michael Biggins
Social Work HSL Liaisons
Sociology Kathleen Collins
South Asian Studies Deepa Banerjee
Southeast Asian Studies Judith Henchy
Spanish Deb Raftus
Special Collections Special Collections Curators
Speech and Hearing Sciences Kari Anderson
Speech Communications Jessica Albano
Sports Anne Davis(coordinator)
Statistics Anya Bartelmann


Tibetan Studies Linda Di Biase (coodinator)


University Archives John Bolcer
Urban Design & Planning Alan R. Michelson


Western European Studies Theresa Mudrock
Wildlife Science see Fisheries or Forest Resources
Women Studies see Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies


Zoology Sally Pine

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