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Zotero 5.0 & new interface for UW Libraries Search

(Tested with Zotero 5.0, using both Firefox and Chrome connectors).

Direct exports from main search screen using the Zotero connector icons do not currently work with the new UW Libraries Search interface:

The current work-around is to export citations in RIS format and import the RIS file into Zotero. Please note that RIS imports will not include book call numbers.


For single items:

1. Click on the three little dots in the right-hand part of the item record:



2. Click on Export RIS, then Download to save the RIS file to your computer:


3. To import RIS files within Zotero, go to File ----> Import; navigate to RIS file you saved to your computer (it should be called something like Primo_RIS_Export.ris) and import into Zotero.

Alternatively, add single items by identifier (ISBN, DOI, or PMID) from within Zotero: add single item from zotero button


For multiple items:

  1. In the UW Libraries Search results screen, click on the push pin icon next to the desired items in order to add them to your Favorites: UW Libraries Search add to Your favorites button on Search Results Screen
  2. Click on the push pin icon in the upper right purple bar to navigate to your Favorites. My Favorites menu button from UW Libraries Search top menu
  3. Mark the items you wish to export to Zotero, then follow the instructions above to export the citations in RIS format and import the RIS file into Zotero.

Note: These instructions are for the new Zotero 5.0, which combines the older Zotero Firefox and Zotero Standalone products. If you are still using Zotero Firefox or Zotero Standalone, we recommend that you update