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Jacob Lawrence, The Slave

Lawrence, Jacob, 1917-.

1938-9. Excerpts from the Frederick Douglass Series: Part I: The Slave: No. 10.
Caption:  The Master of Douglass, seeing he was of a rebellious nature, sent him to a Mr. Covey, a man who had built up a reputation as a “slave breaker.” A second attempt by Covey to flog Douglass was unsuccessful. This was one of the most important incidents in the life of Frederick Douglass:  he was never attacked again by Covey. His philosophy:  a slave easily flogged is flogged oftener; a slave who resists flogging is flogged less.
Place: Hampton University (Va.). Museum.

Legacies of Slavery and the Civil War in American Art

This guide will help you identify pertinent resources for your research paper investigating the legacies of slavery and the Civil War in American Art

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