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BEDUC 210: BEDUC 210 Blog Assignment

BEDUC 210 Blog Assignment (Dr. Shukla, Fall 2021)

Here are the instructions for the Educational Improvement Blog Post assignment. The full assignment instructions can be found on the BEDUC 210 Canvas site

Educational Improvement Blog Posts

You’ll contribute to the educational improvement blog. This will be a “critical review” of an educational improvement organization within the Puget Sound region.

Learning Outcomes Connections:

  • Research key non-profit and civil rights organizations in the Puget Sound region that are committed to improving educational opportunities for students.
  • Explore and analyze how issues related to race, ethnicity, social class, and other factors intersect and influence students’ opportunity to learn.  


Part 1a: You will choose a group of students (immigrant students, undocumented students, students immigrant students, undocumented students, students living in poverty, students who are unsheltered, Latino students, native students, transgender students, accessible forums for social justice, equitable access to birth to college programs, high school students who are first generation, curriculum that is culturally relevant for the 21st century, creating communities of learning that include families) on whose behalf you will explore available non-profit educational improvement services and organizations in the Puget Sound region. You will research your chosen population, organizations available to offer educational support, and the impact of such support

Part 1b: In preparation for making your work openly available (through the web to anyone who wants to access it), you must have completed this quiz  to access the blog site (link to blog site will be made available in week 4 of the quarter). 

Part 2: Rough Sketch

You will then write a blog post (no more than 600 words) that critically analyzes the organization. You’ll want to add a featured image. You will incorporate responses to the following questions in your post:

  1. Why is the group that you chose to research important?
  2. Brief history of the educational organization that you have researched along with the purpose of the organization?
  3. Whom do they serve?
  4. Programs offered?
  5. What could they do better?
  6. Was information about the organization accessible? Red flags?
  7. What other organizations are doing similar work?

Please note that copying and pasting from one platform to another can make a mess of formatting. It would be best to compose in Wordpress (our class blog site).

To maintain consistency in formatting across posts, each student will meet the following parameters:

  1. Respond to questions 1 through 7 (from part 2)
  2. Have at least one image (set as a featured image)
  3. Have at least two hyperlinks, set behind texts (no visible urls)

Part 3:  Peer Reviews and Publishing your Post to the Web ( Detailed directions about this step will be provided in Week 4 once you’ve made substantive progress in writing your post)

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