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TEE 225 Engineering Ethics: Legal

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One of the best ways to find case laws or statutes - particularly when you are unfamiliar with an area of law - is to find a relevant secondary source.  Examples can include:

    • Law review articles.  Examples include the Washington Law Review and Washington University Law Review.

    • Legal encyclopedias.  Examples include American Jurisprudence and Corpus Juris Secundum (available at the Pierce County Law Library).  UWT does have access to West's Encyclopedia of American Law (linked from the Getting Started tab on our Business Law research guide).

  • Handbooks/GuidesExamples include Consise Hornbooks and Nutshell Guides - overviews of a particular area of law with defintions and major cases.

When you start with a secondary source, you not only find case law and statutes, but also vocabulary that can significantly improve your searches.  For example, when researching product liability, related terms might include "breach of warranty", "negligence", and "strict liability".

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