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Research Guides

SEFS 312/ESRM 490C: Ecosystem Biogeochemistry and Earth's Critical Zone: Finding Scholarly Articles

How to Search for Articles

You can search the following databases to find scholarly articles on your topic. When searching, you may need to connect your keywords with the AND connector or use separate search boxes for each keyword. For example: "soil erosion" AND agriculture

If a PDF of an article is not included in a database then click on the purple Check for Full Text button check for Full text button to see if we have the article. If we do not have an online version of the article, you can request a scan of the article. See the FAQ: How do I request a book/article we don't have? for more information.

Google Scholar

Because scholarly material for this class crosses disciplinary lines it can be useful to search the content of articles & books via Google Scholar. 

Is My Journal Peer-Reviewed?

Use the Ulrichsweb database to see if a journal is peer-reviewed. Search for the title of the journal and look for the "Refereed" (Peer-Review) symbol. [UW restricted]