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American Indian Studies: Find Articles & E-Journals

Starting point for research in American Indian Studies

Database searching tips

Use databases to find citations (and sometimes full text) to articles and other materials. There are specialized databases for various subjects. Listed in the boxes below are some selected database starting points for finding articles on topics in Native Americans.


  • AND returns results with both terms:  Muckleshoot AND treatise

    Existing Indian Family Exception AND ICWA
  • OR returns results with either term:  American Indians OR Native Americans OR First Nations
    Good for use with related terms or synonyms
  • Placing terms in parentheses ( ) indicates separate concepts, like an equation, (A or B) and C
    genocide AND ( American Indians OR Native Americans OR First Nations )
  • Placing two or more words in quotation marks " " returns results using that specific phrase
    "First Nations"
  • Truncation * returns results with a root word and any ending
    genocid* [finds genocide, genocides, genocidal ...]

Note:  some databases use different truncation symbols (* is most common; others include !, $,


Starting Points for American Indian Studies

Find full-text articles

More Article Databases...

[UW restricted], these databases are accessible remotely by UWNetID.

  • Alt-Press Watch full-text articles from alternative and independent press sources
  • APS Online articles published between 1740 and 1900, good source for primary source materals.
  • CQ Researcher Full-text access to indepth articles covering a wide range of issues. A good source for finding opposing viewpoints.
  • eHRAF A collection of ethnographic and other texts indexed by culture and subject
  • Expanded ASAP Full-text access to scholarly and general interest periodicals in all disciplines
  • Literature Resource Center Literary biographies, journal articles, critical essays, and an encyclopedia of literary terms
  • Social Work Abstracts social work and social services articles.

E-Journals in American Indian Studies

E-Journals are online, full-text scholarly (academic, peer reviewed, refereed) publications to which the library subscribes.

No Online Article Available

If the full-text of an article is not available directly in a database such as America: History and Life, then click on the Check for Full Text UW  button to find out if the UW has an electronic or print copy of the journal article you need. If there is no button, then check UW Libraries Search for the title of the journal to determine if the UW owns a copy.

Find E-Journals

Search for E-Journal Titles
Search for electronic access to publications. Can't find it? Use UW Libraries Search to see if we have it in print or request it through Interlibrary Loan.

How do I find out if the article I need is online?

thumbnail of known citation video Determine if the article you need is available to you online through our Electronic Journals web page. | Time - 01:35 | Transcript | Play Video

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How do I access full-text articles with the proxy bookmarklet?

thumbnail of Proxy Bookmarklet video Access subscription articles by installing the UW Libraries proxy bookmarklet on your web browser. | Time - 01:37 | Transcript | Play Video

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