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China Studies: Remote Learning and Research Resources

Research guide on China and Chinese language studies resources.

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Off-campus Access to Licensed Resources

Off-campus Access Methods

In many cases you can access third party licensed resources by clicking a link from a UW Libraries catalog or research guide. If you are not already logged into UW, you will be prompted to log in with your usual netid and password. This is called proxy access. You don't need a VPN (virtual private network) connection for this. Having followed a link from a UW webpage establishes your identity as a UW user.

Sometimes proxy access is temporarily unavailable, or has not been set up. Proxy access is generally not provided for temporarily available databases. In this case, you need to access the resource through Husky OnNet (UW's VPN service). Follow the links below for instructions on this. 

You may need to close and restart your browser after connecting to Husky OnNet in order to access a database. Check the top of the database webpage to see whether it shows recognition of you as a UW user: it may display a string including "uw", or UW's Chinese name 华盛顿大学/華盛頓大學. In a few databases, you need to begin by clicking on a resource, then when a login interface appears, select IP 登录/登錄 (IP Login).

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