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Southeast Asia Advanced Research Pages: Find Books

Advanced research resources on Southeast Asia

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Advanced Tips for finding books about and from Southeast Asia in the UW Catalog

Tips for Using the UW Catalog

Books about Southeast Asia in general can be found by searching on the subject term "Southeast Asia."  If you are looking for works on a particular country, use the country name in your search.  You can also search by the the names of peoples and languages, "Indonesian" for instance, or you can use "Indonesia" with the truncation symbol "Indonesia*" to find all instances of both "Indonesia" and "Indonesian." Try a keyword search first and look at the assigned Subject Headings to refine your search.  Note that you can limit any search by language, if you are looking for foreign language materials

Plurals, truncation, and wildcards
Use * for truncation
Use # for a wildcard character
Use ?N for up to N characters

In Process Items

Many books in the Southeast Asia collection, particularly those in languages of Southeast Asia, are not yet fully cataloged.  Most of these records do not have Subject Headings, so you need to search using a keyword in the language you are looking for.  These "in process records" should appear in the UW Catalog, and you can request the titles.

Non Roman Script Materials

The UW Catalog does not represent non-roman scripts, such as Thai or Burmese.  These languages are transliterated into roman alphabet.  We use the Library of Congress Transliteration Tables to represent these languages.  You need to become familiar with this table in order to search the catalog in Thai, Burmese or Khmer.  Note that you do not have to input the diacritic marks to search in the catalog. See General Information on Diacritics and Special Characters.

Note on Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese language displays imperfectly in the catalog.  You cannot search using Vietnamese diacritics, but the catalog will find every variant of the word you are searching, regardless of diacritics.  Often this means that you have to qualify your search by using more than one term.  See General Information on Diacritics and Special Characters.

Finding Works of Fiction in Foreign Languages

See General Information on Finding Foreign Language Materials,  and Foreign Literature Searching, particularly if you are looking for works of fiction.