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Research Guides


Web links and print journals in the UW Libraries which present a wide variety of views on many current issues. The links and journals themselves do not represent a particular perspective.

Web Sites

  • Political Advocacy Groups
    This site maintains an alphabetical list and subject lists of all national "cause lobbyist" groups. Provides descriptions of each advocacy group and contact information.


  • Politics on the Web This site is maintained by the Government Publications Section, University of Washington Libraries. It is an excellent entry into official government sites and information, as well as many political sites that contribute to government policy.


  • Public Agenda Online
    Public Agenda, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization, is devoted to public opinion, policy analysis, and citizen education. The site provides eighteen issue guides that cover topics such as crime, education, environment, immigration, and welfare.

Materials in the UW Libraries

  • CQ Researcher
    This weekly focuses research on a specific topic, provides objective, in-depth coverage of issues, and also includes presentations of opposing viewpoints.


  • CQ Weekly (Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report)
    This journal provides very thorough coverage of action in the U.S. Congress. Floor debates, legislation under review, hearings, voting records: if it is done in Congress, it is reported here

  • The Economist
    One of the preeminent international news weeklies, The Economist brings a global perspective to major issues.


  • Editorials on File
    This print resource selects and reprints editorials and opinion pieces from major U.S. news sources and organizes them so that opposing views on hot issues are presented together. Updated regularly.


  • National Journal
    One of the country's best known non-partison magazines, this weekly covers politics and policy with a special emphasis on the executive branch.


  • New Perspective Quarterly: NPQ
    Published by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, the journal organizes each issue around a central theme. The theme is then examined by a diverse group of scholars and well known authorities. NPQ is highly regarded by most media experts as providing one of the most reliable, interesting and fair-minded forums of political discussion.


  • Newsweek
    Newsweek, one of the three standard news weeklies published in the U.S., attempts to report the major political, social and cultural stories of the day in a nonpartisan manner. Its strong suit is graphics, particularly its photographs.


  • Time
    The second of the popular news weeklies, Time attempts to be "free of any consistent tendency by presenting varied and occasionally conflicting points of view. Sidebars reporting an alternative perspective are sometimes published along side major articles.


  • U.S. News and World Report
    Considered by some to be the most objective of the three major news weeklies in the U.S., this periodical attempts to publish more in-depth, thoughtful reporting than its direct competition.