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Research Guides


This section includes a few organizations and publications from the far left side of the political spectrum. See also Communist, Progressive and Socialist.

Web Sites

  • Industrial Workers of the World
    Home page of the IWW, this site provides links to other anarchosyndicalist and radical groups, as well as information about the IWW.


  • The League of Revolutionaries for a New America
    This website covers issues of interest to workers, the poor and unemployed, such as the future of social security, candidates and elections, capital punishment, etc. Searchable archive.

Materials in the UW Libraries

  • Industrial Worker
    Microforms & Newspapers Collection
    Microfilm A5

    Also Available Online

    The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) publishes this monthly paper, and maintains the online edition as well. It is a "revolutionary labor newspaper, published to support the working class in our struggle against the employing class" by advocating "direct action, working-class solidarity, direct democracy, One Big Union, and abolition of the wage system."