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Non-fiction books  can provide both an overview and indepth analysis of a topic, event or person. Many books will include footnotes and bibliography that can lead you to other research/writings on the topic including primary sources.

See the bibliography Seattle Neighborhood History for a list of books and articles written about neighborhoods. To locate any titles from the bibliography, search UW Libraries Search for the title of the book or journal.

Search UW WorldCat

UW Libraries Search: Search UW Libraries and beyond for books, articles, dissertations, videos, and more.. 


If you'd like to expand your search to items held outside the UW and Summit library system, we recommend that you use UW WorldCat. UW WorldCat is especially useful when you want to search as broadly as possible for a topic or when you are seeking a relatively rare item that isn't likely to be available at the UW. It also facilitates borrowing books from other libraries.

Tips for searching UW Libraries Search for books on your neighborhood:

  • Use the following example terms to find items on your neighborhood:
    • international district and seattle
    • pike place market
  • Use the limits (one of the links along the left of your search results) to narrow the scope of your search to format (e.g. books), language, publication year, etc.
  • Need additional sources including journal articles?  Use Academic Search Complete and the other databases listed on the Articles tab.