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Government Sources by Subject: How to Trace Washington State Laws

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For Background Information...


For bill status, committe meeting schedules, etc., call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000 

How to Trace... Committee Hearings


Recorded on audiocassette until very recently.  Earliest tapes are kept at the State Archives, the relevant committee keeps later ones.  Use the search function to locate holdings for specific committee hearings:


TVW now has both audio and video copies of committee hearings from 1997 to the present, although both formats are not always available for every hearing.  The audio files are free, but the videos must be purchased. 

How to Trace... Committee Action



The Daily Status Report lists all the activity on a given day.

How to Trace... Debates


Brief synopses only in:


TVW has either (and sometimes both) audio and video records of floor debates. 

How to Trace... Votes


Last two years

For Roll Call Votes, choose Senate Floor or House Floor Activity Report

How to Trace... Laws of Washington



Last Two Years

Cross reference from bill to law and vice versa.

How to Trace... The Revised Code of Washington

How to Trace... Washington Administrative Code

How to Trace... Washington State Register

Current Edition (PRINT)

Current Edition (ONLINE)

From the Office of the Code Reviser: