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Deborah Pierce: About Deborah

Education Librarian & Instructor


Work and Teaching

Before coming to Odegaard in 2008, Deborah worked in two large academic music libraries serving schools of music for 26 years teaching research skills and helping students, faculty, and community members explore and research various topics related to music and its influence on humanity.  She is a life-long music educator and has taught in K-12 classrooms, in the music studio, in higher education, and teaches various professional workshops.

Deborah has created and taught credit courses for the UW in the Department of Music, Interdisciplinary Honors Program, and General Studies since 2003 and supervised independent studies and theses in the Information School, General Studies, CHID and Music.  Since 2008 she has worked mostly with undergraduates in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library, including involvement with peer tutoring, training, and mentoring in the OWRC.  In 2017 she became the Libraries' liaison to the UW College of Education.  Her research and interests in pedagogical applications include the arts in education; information literacy; reflective, contemplative, and transformative education; social artistry; and the benefit of the arts to leadership.  In 2016-17 she served on the Curriculum Committee and in 2017-19 on the Graduate Student Engagement Committee of the Husky Leadership Initiative.

See the Honors Program Librarian Spotlight for an interview with Deborah about her research and work with students.


Deborah is a harpsichordist, soprano vocalist, and composer with a specialty in Baroque performance practice and choral music education.  She has performed in various venues with many other musicians and groups including the Eva Jesseye Singers, Northwest Chamber Chorus, Northwest Chorale, Olympic Baroque, and Sentimental Journey.  She has worked with composers and conductors such as Mateo Messina, Eva Jessye, Joan Conlon, and Norman Dello Joio.  Repertoire has included medieval through contemporary works as well as folk and popular genres.  She has been especially interested in using musical performance for healing and service and has regularly donated her time for this endeavor.

Research Interests…

include Baroque music performance practice; information literacy; adult education and life-long learning; the arts in education; music and healing; the health of musicians; social artistry; human potentials, and the benefit of the arts to leadership.  

Further Musical Explorations

Deborah is interested in all aspects of music and music’s influence on humankind.  In addition to her own explorations and those for her library patrons and students, she has explored various aspects of music with practitioners such as Chloe Goodchild (The Naked Voice); Jill Purce (Overtone chanting, the Healing Voice, and Sonic Meditations); Rhiannon (vocal performance artist); Luisah Teish (Iyanifa of the Ifa/Orisha traditions of West Africa), and others. 


Deborah has been a mentor in several capacities including the Husky Leadership Initiative (HLI) Certificate Program at the University of Washington and has volunteered as a tutor in the Odegaard Writing Center since 2009.  She is an armchair philosopher who has been described by peers as having the ability to find the weak link in any argument. She believes that life is a path of ongoing inquiry and learning, and that chronic curiosity, an open mind, and a search for possibility can help us understand each other and ourselves.  Her interest in teaching and tutoring is to help students find their own voice to express their understanding and growth in their learning process. She is especially interested in applying reflective, contemplative, and transformative pedagogy to her work. Deborah's true loves are singing, composing, cooking vegan delights, playing tai chi in nature, painting, and hanging out with canine friends.

Education Librarian & Instructor

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Deborah Pierce
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