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Art History 414-Curating India (Khullar, Winter 2016): Citations

Resource guide for Art History 414's research paper assignment


Torso of a fertility goddess (yakshi), from the Great Stupa at Sanchi

  • Cunningham, Alexander.  Bhilsa Topes; or, Buddhist Monuments of Central India (London, 1854), pl. XIV.
  • Coomaraswamy, A.K.  "A Yaksi Torso from Sanchi," MFA Bulletin 27 no.164 (December, 1929), pp. 90-94.
  • Coomaraswamy, A.K., "The Sanchi Yaksi Torso," in the MFA Bulletin 28 no. 165 (February, 1930), p. 18.
  • Coomaraswamy, A.K., Yaksas, 2 vols (New Dehli, 2001) [reprint].
  • Irwin, J.  "The Sanchi Torso," Journal of the Indian Society of Oriental Art, vi (1974–5), pp. 52–66.
  • Marshall, J. and A. FoucherThe Monuments of Sanchi, 3 vols (Calcutta and London, 1940).
  • Mitra, JSanchi (New Delhi, 1973).

Yakshi, fragment from a railing of a stupa

  • Barua, B.  Bharhut, 3 vols (Calcutta, 1934–7/R Patna, 1979).
  • Cunningham, Alexander.  The Stupa at Bharhut (London, 1879), pp. 36, 39-40, pl. LII, 1.
  • Coomaraswamy, A.  "A Yakshi Bust from Bharhut," MFA Bulletin, October 1931, p. 81.


Tracking Down Citations

 We have our citations, now how do we find the resources? By searching

  • You can page items that are located almost anywhere in the system and have them delivered to the library of your choice.  You can request items, both articles and books, through Summit, for materials located at libraries in Washington and Oregon, 
  • Worldcat Local (UW and beyond)
  • Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for items outside of our consortia.


  • Google Books, ex.  The Bhilsa Topes
    • A number of books out of copyright have been scanned and made available through academic institutions and Google.  You need a Google account to access the full-text content.


  • UW Libraries E-Journal Page
    • Can search the journal title to see if we receive the title electronically through one of our databases such as JSTOR or Expanded Academic, etc.