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Research Guides

Art History 414-Curating India (Khullar, Winter 2016): Articles

Resource guide for Art History 414's research paper assignment

What Kind of Information Are You Looking For?

  • Information about the specific object, ex. Yakshi torso from Sanchi or the Yakshi fragment from Bharhut
  • Information about the class of objects or the site where they were found, ex. Yakshi or Yaksi; Sanchi; Bharhut stupa
  • Contextual Information
    • Historical context, ex. information about the time period, rulers
    • Religious context, ex. information about the meaning/role of Yakshi in Buddhism
    • Institutional context, ex. information about the museum's mission; the role of a specific museum in a particular culture; information on a particular donor, such as Denman Waldo Ross in our example; or information that explores ways of looking at museums


Note:  If you choose an obscure object from a local museum, you may not  be able to find articles about that specific object, but you may be able to find information about that class of objects (see example above).

Finding Articles in Databases and Indexes

Although you can find some article citations in the UW Libraries catalog and in WorldCat, neither of those resources includes citations from all of the databases and indexes we subscribe to, so it's useful to search the individual subject databases and indexes. 

If you don't know which databases or indexes to use, take a look at the UW Libraries Research Guides.  Each guide has a number of suggested databases and indexes to help you begin your search. 

For our topic, "Two Yakshi Fragments from the Denman Waldo Ross Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston," we may need to consult databases in


If you choose an object from a local museum or gallery, you may want to look for exhibition information in local newspapers; consult the e-Newspapers guide.  Newspapers are also excellent resources for reviews of historical exhibitions and their reception.