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TNURS 527 Health Care Systems and Health Policy - Primomo, Wilson: Find Articles

Fall 2010

Search Tips

Search strategy will depend on your topic. Multiple search strategies will produce the best results. Some sample searches include:

  • [topic] and policy
    (example: uninsured and policy)

  • [topic] and legislation
    (example: uninsured and legislation)

Sometimes, the best search starts with just your topic:

  • immigrants and health care
  • mental health and insurance coverage

Health Policy Journals

The links below will connect you to the Catalog entry for the journal. From the journal entry, click the "Full text available from . . ." link to access the table of contents of the journal.


Family & Community Health

Health Affairs

Policy, politics & nursing practice

Yale journal of health policy, law, and ethics


Policy & Social Services Databases