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Mrs. Mary H. Ellis Advertsing Co., 1906


Genuine French Corsets, 1906 Mrs. Mary H. Ellis Advertsing Co. From Univerisity of Washington's Digital Collections

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Finding Advertisements

In the databases below, you can limit your searches by date or date ranges and to "display ad" under Document Type. You can then use keywords for whatever topic you want to search. 

Examples: bathing suit or swimsuit; cars or automobiles.

These magazines are likely to include advertisements which may  be discovered by browsing. Many of the magazines from the 19th century are in microfilm (on the Seattle campus in the Microform and Newspaper Collections on the ground floor of Suzzallo) or are part of the American Periodical Series Online .  Many 20th century magazines are available in print and may be requested through the UW Libraries Catalog.  Keep in mind that illustrated advertisements did not appear until the latter half of the 19th century.