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THIST 470 The Material World: Art and Artifacts - Nicoletta: Find Books

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Tips for Searching:

Once you've run a search, use the "Refine My Results" options on the left side of the page.  It's a quick way to drill down to the most useful results without paging through a lot of items you're not really interested inOptions often include:

  • Resource type (examples: book, article)
  • Library (example: UW Tacoma)
  • Creation date
  • Language
  • Topic
  • Classification LCC (Library of Congress call numbers)


Books can be primary or secondary sources

Books can be secondary sources written by scholars and researchers about historical topics.  There may also be books that are published compilations of primary sources -- documents, letters, journals, etc. Some books may be primary sources if they were written in the time period that your project is examining. WorldCat or UW Libraries Search (beta) -- see box above -- will help you locate all of these resources. See the search box below for suggestions for terms to locate primary resources in UW Libraries search.

Search terms for primary sources

Terms useful for locating primary sources in the UW Libraries Catalog:

  • sources
  • personal narratives
  • correspondence
  • letters
  • diaries
  • journals
  • patents
  • documents
  • interviews
  • sermons
  • documents
  • papers
  • maps
  • advertizing
  • photographs or images