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Digital Commons: What's SelectedWorks?

What is SelectedWorks?

UW Tacoma faculty and staff authors may create a profile in SelectedWorks, an add-on feature of Digital Commons which enables authors to create profiles and feature their research.

To get started, select please fill out one of these forms or email

This profile allows researchers to manage a public record of scholarly publications, presentations, and other materials, including:

  • Your photo
  • A description of your work and research specialties
  • Your CV
  • Links to personal websites and blogs.
  • Areas of research.

Any materials that are important important to your career can go on a SelectedWorks site, such as:

  • Articles (either full-text or with links to the full-text in the UW Libraries)
  • Book contributions
  • Records for books
  • Conference presentations
  • Other materials, such as book review, links to editorials, or dissertations.

View author profiles in UW Tacoma Expert Gallery.