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Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Prevention Resources: 3. Research & Writing Tools

Research & Writing Tools

Part of academic honesty is understanding how to appropriately cite the work of others in order to:

  • Give authors credit for their original ideas and research;
  • Enable readers to track ideas and research back to its original source.  

Citation styles are standard systems for giving credit to others whose words or ideas you use in your work. Be sure to refer to a style guide so that your citations consistently follow the rules for the style you are using. Style guides are available in the Writing and Research collection on the 1st floor of the Campus Library. 

Here are some online tools that will assist you when making citations:

Citation Style Pages

Several citation styles are commonly used at Cascadia College and UWB; your instructor will likely specify which citation style to follow. The library offers resource pages for the following styles:

For more information, see the Campus Library's Citation Styles page.