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Business Plan Tutorial: Customer Demographics

Customer Demographics

1. Demographics-

The characteristics of human populations and population segments, especially when used to identify consumer markets.  Common groupings are:

  1. Educational attainment or enrollment
  2. Geographic Area
  3. Income
  4. Age
  5. Gender
  6. Race
  7. Home ownership
  8. Employment status

Questions you should answer within your business plan:

  1. Who is your customer - provide a specific description (summarize the information above that describes your ideal customer)
  2. How many potential customers are there in your target area?
  3. How are these customers currently being served?
    1. What is the unmet need and how will you meet it?
    2. Think about how you will win the customers currently being served by others?

Demograhic Resources- Print

Demograhic Resources- UW Restricted

Demograhic Resources- Free Online

Check consumer data resources (print and online), polls and surveys, U.S. Census,  (see government sources) and newspaper and journal articles.  See links below.  

Chamber of Commerce as a resource, i.e. Bothell, Woodinville, and Ballard.  They have listings of all the Member Businesses.   

Competitor websites may give you some great ideas about buying trends as well.

Also, look for industry publications and trade journals. These will be very helpful with trends, suppliers, marketing ideas and much more.  

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