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Business Plan Tutorial: Government Industry Regulations

Government Industry Regulations

5.     What are the Government Regulations for this industry? (Remember, it is best to error on the side of caution.) 

  1. Licensing- Federal, State, County and City?  
  2. Zoning-  Can you operate your business where you want? 
  3. Insurance- Do you need special insurance?  How will you protect your assets? 
  4. Taxes- Arre their additional taxes on your product?  Sin taxes?  
  5. Pollution- Toxins, proper waste disposal for your product or by products?   

Questions you should answer within your business plan:

  1. Description of the current industry
    1. How can you take advantage of the current industry trends?
    2. How much growth can you expect?
    3. Is this a market you want to go into?
  2. What ideas can you borrow from the competition?  (I.E. Supply chains, distribution channels, points of sales)
  3. What can you do that your competition can't?
  4. What can you improve upon (e.g., make more profitable, simplify, streamline, just-in-time, reduce waste)?

Government Industry Regulations - Print

Look at local libraries collections for specific industry regulations.  

Government Industry Regulations - UW Restricted

Government Industry Regulations - Free Online

Trade associations for specific industry regulations.

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