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Teaching and Learning at the Campus Library: UW Bothell

Information Literacy Core Curriculum (lower division)

UW Bothell logoLibrarians from all subject areas partner with faculty to integrate information literacy into the following “core” courses students must take to enter into their majors at UW Bothell.  Please note the learning goals listed here are of shared responsibility between the librarian and faculty member, and that they can be met through means other than classroom instruction when necessary.

FYPP Discovery Core - Desired Information Literacy learning goals for these courses typically include:

  • Become familiar with “library basics:” be aware of different library spaces, borrowing privileges and policies, where different types of materials can be found within the library (both in print and online), and how to access UW Restricted materials from off campus.
  • Find general information on a topic using Library of Congress Classifications and Call Numbers, the library catalog, and print or online reference materials (or other online resources and databases as deemed appropriate by the librarian and instructor).
  • Learn how to use sources to identify main concepts of a topic, additional search terms, and to record all pertinent citation information.

BCUSP 100: Learning Strategies - Librarians work with faculty to offer additional in-class support to International and Academic Transition Program students.

BWRIT 135: Research Writing - Desired Information Literacy learning goals for this course typically include:

  • Develop strategies for selecting research topics, formulating research questions, and carrying out research.
  • Identify and use different kinds of secondary sources.
  • Use library and other search tools to identify research material.
  • Cultivate strategies for finding, organizing, and storing information.
  • Exercise critical thinking strategies for reading, evaluating, and understanding a variety of source types.

Information Literacy in the Majors & Graduate Programs

Librarians work closely with faculty to identify courses within the majors and graduate programs to target for hands-on or online information literacy instruction.  The types of targeted courses typically include:

  • “Core” courses or sequences
  • Required courses for the degree
  • Research methods courses
  • Capstone or senior seminar courses, and
  • Courses with a significant emphasis on critical thinking or research projects  

Information Literacy learning goals for these courses are developed and maintained by the subject librarian liaison(s) working with the school or program, and in partnership with their faculty.

Graduate students also receive support from librarians based on their specific research projects through classroom/online instruction and individual or small group research consultations with their subject librarian liaison(s).

How Do I Request a Workshop for my Class?

What is Information Literacy?

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