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Folklore & Mythology: Databases

Folkloristics, the study of Folklore, is the study of human expressive culture, and includes myths, legends, folk- and fairy-tales, jokes, proverbs, jump-rope rhymes, material culture, and much more.

Database Starting Points

Below is a list of research databases, accessible via the University of Washington Libraries Articles and Research Database list, which can get you started on your research in Folklore and Mythology.  Use these databases to find citations to pursue.  Some of the databases will also have access to full text articles.

Note: Many of the databases in this guide are restricted to UW students, staff and faculty. These are marked with UW restricted: login required from off-campus. To connect to these databases from home you will need to log in with your UWNetId.   

Mughal Empire Folklore

Jahangir, the fourth Mughal Emperor (1605-1627), became the subject of folktales in Indian literature, art, and cinema for his illicit romance with Anarkali. There are many conflicting accounts from scholars about the specifics of Jahangir and Anarkali's story.