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Korean Law A-Z

Korean Law-related Resources by Topic or Type


The objective of this guide is to introduce some of the most useful resources for finding Korean legal information, along with some hints about the best ways to use them, and to introduce the East Asian Law Department (EALD) and the kinds of services we provide.

Information about the Korean Law Collection


The University of Washington's Korean law collection consists of books and journals in various languages covering all periods of Korean legal history. The collection received a great boost in the late 1980's with a gift of hundreds of volumes of books and journals in the Korean language, donated by Korean alumni of the Asian Law Program.

Library Holdings

The Library has approximately 2,330 titles on Korean law and Korean studies. This includes roughly 2,093 monographic titles and 237 serials titles. Approximately 75% of the collection is in Korean.

Collection Development Policy

Collection Goals

The overall goal of the Gallagher Law Library's Collection Development Policy is to "support the curricular and research needs of the University of Washington School of Law."

Current Collecting

Korean law is not a permanent part of the Law School's curriculum and there are currently no permanent faculty doing research on Korean law. Nevertheless, Korean law is considered an important component of the Law School's Asian and Comparative Law curriculum. As a result, materials on South Korean law are collected at the "Instructional Support Level". This includes primary materials in Korean and English and secondary materials in English. Secondary materials on Korean law in Korean are added when received by the Library as gifts. Materials on North Korean law are collected at the "Minimal Level". In general, when important materials come to our attention, we make every effort to acquire them