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BBUS 300 Organizational Behavior, Ethics, and Inclusivity: Articles, Business News and E-Books

Articles & Reports

How to find e-books

UW Libraries has hundreds of e-Books related to many business topics. Follow these steps to search for EBooks in the UW Libraries Catalog:

  • Enter the title or search terms you are looking for in UW Libraries Search
  • Filter your results by selecting "UW Libraries" from the drop-down menu beside the search box. This will limit your results to ebooks that can be accessed at UW. Then select the filter "eBooks" under the Resource Type options on the left, and "APPLY FILTERS." 

ebooks search

Business News: Local & Regional

How to find news in Google

Use Google's news platform to search for local, national, and global news. Google News sorts by category. Check out the business category! Users who are logged into their Google account will see news results catered by location. Try logging out of Google accounts to see how the results change.